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Copy of HaagenDazs_Celebration_CardCheers_confetti.gif
Copy of Haagendaz_R3_REFRESH_Summer_PoolFloat.gif
Copy of Haagendaz_HeartCard_Raspberry.gif
Copy of Haagendaz_R3_Coffee_Shake.gif
Copy of Haagendaz_Celebration_HBD_03.gif
Copy of Haagendaz_BeachSandHeart.gif
Copy of Häagen-Dazs_Q221_Sundae_REVISED.gif
Copy of Daaz_Cheers2.gif
Copy of Häagen-Dazs_Q221_Logo.gif

We created a multiple sets of stickers for Häagen-Dazs to surface on the Venmo app. The objective was to bring Häagen-Dazs into contextually relevant moments when people were paying each other for food-related transactions, celebrations, and summer activities.

Creative Director: Ryan Cho, Lauren Gramprey

Animators: Luke Alexander, Jackie Collins, Ryan Cho

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